How to Create a Competitive Advantage with LandscaperIQ

Every customer is looking for only two things: 

A reputable landscaping company and a quote. 

Yet, their interest in your business will vanish if you don’t respond fast enough. 

This leaves many landscaping companies dealing with the same problem— too much work and too little engagement with customers.

Separate yourself from the competition, increase your revenue, and eliminate price shopping.

Create an Amazon-like advantage by automating the estimating process.

At LandscaperIQ, we believe anything that can be duplicated should be automated.

No need to waste countless hours travelling to the customer, writing up redundant quotes, and competing on price with amateurs who haven’t taken the necessary steps to invest in a flawless system for quoting.

Immediate response is what they want, and you get the lead.

In less than two minutes, your client can measure their lawn, deliver you all the necessary information you need. Then, they get your quote based on your pricing for similar lawns without all the hassle.

You get what you want, they get what they want, that’s a pretty fair exchange that can make you more money and save both of you a lot of time.

Here is a list of estimator features:

Estimate Listings

Landscaper IQ makes lead generation easy. The estimator automatically collects the information of anyone who requests a quote. The name, email address, phone number, services requested, and estimate total are displayed in an easy-to-read format. A map snapshot is also available for you to view. Now that you know exactly what the client wants, you can contact them already prepared to describe what your business does best.


Intuitive Design

The Landscaper IQ estimator is easy to use for your customers. After searching for their address, a map is displayed that they can select a single yard or multiple lots. The square footage is estimated with just a click of a button, and the customer can then select which services they would like to receive a quote for. The pre-estimate is calculated in a blink for instant satisfaction.


Personalization & Branding

Use Landscaper IQ to your advantage. With the personalization and branding tools, you can alter the color scheme, upload your logo, and add company details to the plugin. This gives your website a cleaner, more streamlined look that makes your business all the more appealing to the customer. You can also get notifications sent to a personal or business email, so you know immediately when someone requests a quote with the estimator.


Services Customization

Add or remove new services from the list that your customers will see. If you are a large landscaping business that offers multiple serves, you can set the minimum price and the price per square foot for each one. Once the customer selects a service (or multiple) and their property with the estimator, the price for each chosen service will be displayed.


Auto-Generated Emails

Send formatted emails to anyone on the Estimate listing with a custom email. You can select the customer, type out the message, and choose the email greeting to give the message a personalized feel. Include as little or as many details as you would like.


Premium Benefits

When you opt to purchase the premium licensed version of Landscaper IQ, you get access to consistent and guaranteed updates, dedicated tech support, and premium features. As Landscaper IQ is developed further, new features will be released. The small licensing fee ensures that the plugin is continuously improved upon, giving you a reliable estimator that leads to substantial growth in your business.



All of these features come together to give your landscaping business an edge against the competition. Here are some advantages of adding Landscaper IQ to your site:

  • Turn your static website into a lead-generation machine
  • Increase your lead volume by up to 40% with INSTANT QUOTES
  • Faster conversions from visitor to customer 
  • Reduce cost-per-acquisition
  • Enhanced brand image and reputation
  • Reduce hours of unnecessary work while increasing revenue
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Reduce your front-office time by up to 80%

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