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Landscaping businesses are always on the move, always laboring throughout the day, and getting jobs done. That leaves very little time for dealing with customers expressing interest. Landscaper IQ simplifies customer acquisition by automating quotes, so visitors to your site can generate their own quotes in a few quick steps, and you get more potential leads while focusing on the projects you already have.

Landscaper IQ is an essential plugin that enables landscaping companies of all sizes to increase their business easily and seamlessly.


If you have a WordPress website, integrating the Landscaper IQ Estimator is easy. Install it as you would any other plugin, and you are ready to go. Plus, you can customize the appearance of Landscaper IQ to fit the theme of your website.

Faster Quotes
Increased Sales

Eliminate the back-and-forth with Landscaper IQ. Customers input their information and select the areas they need landscaped. You both get the pre-estimate and contact info. Save time, save effort, and get more sales.

24/7 Technical

You never have to worry about technical difficulties, because our US-based team has your back. Our team is available around the clock to help troubleshoot any issues or answer any questions that you have.

Here's How it Works

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Easy Address Search

Using Landscaper IQ is intuitive. The customer searches for their address using the interactive map and finds their yard on the satellite image. Zoom into the space and get started.

Select Area For Quote

Getting a quote is as easy as clicking the four corners of a yard, automatically calculating the square footage, and learning how much it would cost to have a landscaping service done.

Quote Automatically Delivered

Once the customer has generated their pre-estimate, that information is sent to their inbox. You get the information—and their quote—as well. Keep track of your leads easily with the plugin’s Estimates panel.

Get To Know Our Amazing Support

Whether you have a question about one feature or are experiencing a problem, we are always available.

24/7 Customer Care

Questions, concerns, and comments. With 24/7 customer care, you can have an answer within minutes.

Live Chat

Prefer texting? Our representatives on live chat can assist with all sorts of issues, from account information to technical support.

US Based

We live and work where you landscape.

Customer Reviews

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